10 best exercises to do at home for shedding pounds quickly

Getting your exercise in can be incredibly challenging amidst a busy workweek, but the reality is it doesn’t have to be if you choose your exercises wisely!
This list is going for quality and quantity. These 10 exercises contain plentiful options when it comes to laying waste to stubborn body fat and maximizing your fitness without having to step foot in a gym.
1. Burpees. This move is a classic but it's easy not to do correctly. Watch the video below to learn the proper way to do a burpee:
2. The press up (all variations). The benefit of this exercise is that it works every major muscle group of your body. Watch the video below to do this move properly:
3. The plank. This is a great move that works out not just the core but your entire body. Many people actually perform this move incorrectly, so be sure to watch the video below to see how to do it right:
4. Jumping lunges. This move may not look bad at first glance, but they will really make your legs feel the burn. It's also great for training your balance.
5. Body weight squats.
6. Mountain climbers.
7. Single leg bridge.
8. Russian twists.
9. Dead lifts.
10. Shoulder taps.
Putting the 10 moves together
These ten amazing exercises are going to target every muscle in the body and help you achieve the toned, honed appearance you’ve been longing for. Try creating a mini-circuit with any three of the above exercises being performed in one-minute rounds one day. Then select a different three the next. You could do this five days per week for total body coverage!
Aim for roughly four circuits a session with one-minute rest periods in-between to begin with. Then work on adding more and reducing your rest period.
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