20-minute ab and butt workouts guaranteed to leave you sore the next day

If you've got 20 minutes, you can do some serious damage to your legs and butt with a good workout routine! You don't need to spend hours at the gym to give your booty the smack-down. Tightening up those buns and abs give you a good foundation for a healthy all-over body.
Check out one of these tough routines that are sure to get you in shape and leave you a little sore in the morning:
1. Pop Sugar's Sculpt Session
Warm up with a little cardio (try a few jumping jacks or a jump rope) before going through each circuit two times. You'll end the entire thing with three minutes of stretching. Circuit one includes side lunges to curtsy squats, wood chops, and single-leg touches. Circuit two goes through sumo squats, elbow planks with an arm reach and the crunch frog. Your last circuit includes the half banana, donkey kick pulses, and Pilates swimming. Check out Pop Sugar for more details.
2. 20-Minute Flat Ab Workout
If you want to get abs of steel, try this powerhouse routine from Kayla Itsines. You'll run through each circuit three to four times. Itsines recommends going through each circuit as many times as you can in five minutes, with a 30-second break between your circuits. You'll tackle exercises like bent leg sit ups, straight-leg sit up and twists, toes taps, and ab bikes. Check out the full routine from Kayla Itsines.
3. Ultimate Butt and Leg Workout
If you're aiming to put your legs and butt to shame, check out this intense workout from Mike Donavanik. This workout is home-friendly, meaning all you need is you and a little floor space. You'll tackle squats, heel tap jump squats, glute bridges, jumping hammer lunges, angry sum walks and alternating forward chopping lunges in this sweat-inducing workout. *Bonus points for the Little Mermaid nod in the video!
4. 20 Minutes to Hardcore Abs
If you hope to get abs akin to JLo (or Chris Hemsworth), you'll need to dedicate about 20 minutes, twice per week. You'll do one set of each exercise one after the other (try to keep your heart rate up) three times. If you're a quick mover, you might be able to go four rounds. You'll tackle bicycle crunches, hanging leg raises, back extensions, barbell rollouts, cable wood chops and dumbbell Romanian deadlifts in this killer routine from Men's Fitness.
5. Fitness Blender Butt and Thigh
Forget expensive workout videos. Pop on this YouTube video for 20-minutes of butt and thigh punishment. You can tackle this 7-exercise routine three times (with nothing but your bodyweight) in 20 minutes. Get ready to nail deep lunges, squat kicks, one-leg hip lifts, wall sits, and front leg pulls. Just a head's up, the video is a bit dry, so you may want to pump up some jams to keep your motivation up. Check out the routine from Fitness Blender.
6. Simple Butt Toner
Get your butt beach ready with this simple routine. Mind Body Green recommends doing this workout at least twice a week. Run through the entire three times for a complete 20-minute session. Your butt will work through single leg bridge pulses, single leg squats, side lunges, back lunges, and the single leg deadlift. You'll definitely feel this one tomorrow!
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